Advertisements for Love Series

Invitation to the Regency Weddings of 2018 (More so 1819)

Blackamoor Regency Brides

A new series, Advertisements For Love, by Vanessa Riley from


The Bittersweet Bride - 1/29/18

A widow must marry to protect her son but her newspaper advertisement groom is her worst nightmare, a scorned lover she hoped had stayed dead, buried with the past.

The Bashful Bride - 5/28/18

When a newspaper advertisement for a bridegroom nets London's most famous actor, a shy, sheltered heiress risks all to be with him in a mad dash to elope, escaping her overbearing family’s plan for an arranged marriage. But does the actor with the voice of honey have far too many secrets to make a safe happy match

The Butterfly Bride - 10/29/18

A disgraced social butterfly seeks a convenient marriage to restore her to good graces but her newspaper advertisement groom comes with a family that money can't buy.


Excerpts & Covers coming soon.


How did Vanessa come up with the idea for this series?

During the 1800s, placing an advertisment in a newspaper like the Morning Post for a marriage of convenience was a suitable way for single men and women to find a mate. For those new to the area or if the person had particular circumstances, like widowhood, small charges, etc. which could preclude a normal courtship, they could turn to advertisements.

Editorial charicatures focused on the prevalent themes or societal worries of the times. A Woodward Devlin print from 1803, called Advertisement for a Wife, shows a man surprised by the respondents to his marriage advertisement with one of the ladies being a Blackamoor. 


Here the An Advertisement for a Wife a Woodward Devlin print from 1803.



Yet, what if you were a girl part of the 10,000 free blacks and mulattoes living in London and you’ve amassed wealth from the merchant class? A regular match won’t due.  Would you seek an advertisement for a marriage of convenience to meet eligible bachelors? Instead of being the butt of the joke as portrayed in this cartoon, what if you were the victor in control of your destiny?  Thus, the series, Advertisements for Love was born.


Here are some actual ads placed from 1805-1815 in London's Morning Post.